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Top 5 deodorant's brands for men in India

Truly honest advice from our side based on the real-time experience of many users and experts.


Every deodorant brand uses alcohol to create and offer something new but in the end, we found out that many of the common fragrance is being served to us even by the big brands. In this world of common fragrances all around a man should opt for uniqueness in fragrance.


Top deodorants brands have been selected on the basis of availability, price and uniqueness of the fragrance.






Many deodorant brands try to imitate the Arabic fragrance but they failed to serve it in an authentic way. Ajmal is one of the most popular and premium perfume brand which also offers a very good range of deodorants as well, Ajmal offers very authentic Arabic fragrances which make you feel unique and difficult to imitate.



Old Spice




Old spice offers a very good range of deodorants which offers very unique and nostalgic fragrance. Old Spice fragrance is very manly and made you stand out.



Park Avenue



Park Avenue is the one brand that offers unique fragrance using the same alcohol combination being used by other common brands, but this brand has a success to offer you uniqueness, especially Park Avenue Good Morning is the one that is best for use in winters as well, it light fragrance keeps you confident and you don't smell too strong as many women don't like too much strong smell.






If you love fresh fragrance then Cinthol is for you. Cinthol is the only brand that offers a perfectly cool and fresh feel. Every other deodorant brand is offering intense fragrance in such case Cinthol is the brand that offers a very unique fresh and cool fragrance that everybody likes.






Nivea offers two deodorants under DUO series, in which it offers a very unique intense fragrance which is very long-lasting as well.


We suggested you top 5 deodorants that offer a fragrance of different types that includes Arabic, nostalgic, light, fresh and intense (long-lasting). You can choose one on the basis of your choice.