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What is New Normal?


If you think the coronavirus vaccine will change the things for you, then you might be wrong. the vaccine will not be able to save you from getting infected from Coronavirus, it can save your life.

And if you think the vaccine is near to be distributed among us then again you might be wrong, as it may take a while and at least more than you are thinking of.


Then, What is going to be a New Normal?

Following lifestyle change, you might be seen to be very common among us and should be - 



People will keep their personal space clean and hygienic



People will keep their things, room and even workspace clean to save themselves getting infected. This habit will save themselves from other diseases as well. 



Worried to meet



Meeting a person will make you worried as you may not get infected from him.



Open Doors



We will have to avoid touching objects, for that mainly we should keep the doors of the passage remain open so that least people touch the handles.



Mask & Sanitizer: essentials



The mask and sanitizer will become essential for us to carry and washing hands should become a common habit for us.



6 feet apart



We have to maintain social distancing and keep ourselves 6 feet apart from others, by the way, it is a healthy practice.



Avoid crowding



Smart people will prefer avoiding crowding, especially in public places. ONLY SMART PEOPLE



Bring your own bottle



One should carry its own water bottle, tiffin and even cutlery (you can use disposables) to develop a healthy practice.



Mask Sure



Make sure everyone wears a mask, if some known is not wearing one make sure to get him or her a mask. Make them understand the significance of wearing a mask because that could be a potential failure point to save ourselves.



By helping each other we help ourselves!